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EPISODE 8: Andrew Shields

Andrew is a veteran in the Amazon world and offers an array of different opinions on common topics, which...

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EPISODE 7: Donal Treacy

I was lucky enough to spend a good stint of time working alongside Donal in the UK Amazon Business...

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EPISODE 6: Gabriel Caceros

Gabriel initally entered the Amazon world as a seller, building his own brand in the baby niche then eventually...

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EPISODE 5: Troy Johnston

Troy is the founder of Seller.Tools and an Amazon 7-figure earner. He’s truly leading the charge Amazon automation, particularly...

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EPISODE 4 – Destaney Wishon

Destaney is the founder of BetterAMS, who I personally regard as the top Amazon Advertising agency in the space...

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EPISODE 3 – Dave Officer

Part of the reason I was attracted to and looking forward to speaking with Dave was his LinkedIn content....

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EPISODE 2: James Dihardjo

James is co-founder of MerchantSpring, an Amazon marketplace solution in Australia. He’s been building a strong eCommerce knowledge base...

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EPISODE 1: Ben Timmons

#1: Ben worked with George at Amazon for just under 2-years before heading over to Kraft Heinz. He set...

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Behind The Mic

George Reid

Show Host

I started working for Amazon in 2016. Since leaving I’ve gone on to setup an Amazon advertising agency as well as an academy for small to medium sized brands looking to educate themselves on Amazon strategies – LaunchPod Academy.

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