Episode 36: Francois Jaffres

Francois was my tutor today. The topic was supply chain. In this episode we discuss: Differentiating what you need vs. What you wish you had on your first order Key quality indicators to be aware of A checklist of items you want to rattle through before you approach a supplier Getting better terms from suppliers…

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Episode 35: Judson Morgan

Judson takes creative content to a new level. He’s made multiple clients cry with happiness after watching their new video. He, within 5 minutes, also shared a massively overlooked strategy to improve your main image and drive incremental increases in your conversion rates. It this episode we discuss: Building a series of brands on Amazon…

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Episode 34: Charlie Bowes-Lion

I didn’t want to stop recording. Loved what Charlie shared about community building and launching the brand Wild. It was nice to utilise the podcast platform in order to get a brand owner on, who’s brand I’m fascinated by. Charlie shared some nitty gritty tactics him and his co-founder went through to get Wild off…

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Episode 33: Naio Olsen Stahl

Naio blessed me with some Amazon Advertising knowledge, demonstrating how you can continue to peal the layers on the topic with no end in sight. In this episode we discuss: Segmenting competitors into tiers and creating specific campaigns accordingly Amazon advertising budget attribution The importance of creating high quality Amazon content for your ppc campaigns…

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Episode 32: Mike Black

Mike heads up marketing at Profitero, which explains why he made me look a fool as a podcast host. I often found myself having not much else to add because he covered the bases so well. In this episode we discuss: Where he learns about Amazon, what is the best source of info Segmenting your…

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Episode 31: Ben Timmons – Round 2

Ben and I worked together at Amazon, he now runs a series of brands on Amazon whilst holding down his day job at Gympass. In this episode we discuss: Why he isn’t quitting his day job, despite his Amazon businesses bringing in enough income to do so What is an exit plan, why you should…

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Episode 30: David Click – part 2

Dave and I sit down for a sharp session on what we can expect to see for your Amazon operations in the next 5-10 years. In this episode we discuss: Big changes he expects are coming this year, and in the next 5 years of operations/logistics His thoughts on Amazon Logistics What conversations he think…

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Episode 29: Melissa Burdick

10 years at Amazon in the advertising team catapulted Melissa into the world of ecommerce. She is now a member of the Forbes Agency Council and co-founder of Pacvue. In this episode we discuss: Why surrounding yourself with brilliant contacts is the key to sustainable success on Amazon How important tech and data will be…

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