Episode 45: Jon Ivanco

This completely changed how I think about email collection. One of the best conversations I’ve had on customer journeys in a very long time and sets the tone for what we can expect in 2021 onwards.  In this episode we discuss: Why email pop-ups are done wrong 98% of the time Why you don’t need…

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Episode 44: Lisa Pierce

Lisa has been a packaging journalist since 1982. She’s the executive editor of and could not be better placed to take us through what many deem the unsexy world of packaging. In this episode we discuss: How can you make your packaging sustainable in a world that has suddenly started caring about it, particularly…

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Episode 43: Gayle Gallagher

An incredible breakdown of the 3-4 steps Amazon leaders take when interviewing candidates. GG has 5 years experience as an Amazonian, eventually positioning herself as a bar-raiser – essentially someone that is great at interviews. I found this chat exceptionally practical for me personally and will certainly be adopting many of the principles discussed with…

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Episode 42: John Hambacher

John was director of operations and programs at Amazon kindle. He speaks to an array of different mechanisms they implement internally that you can take learnings from. In this episode we discuss: Asking your team to improve by 1X, 2X and 3X vs. Asking for marginal gains Challenging those around you to think revolutionary rather…

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Episode 41: Sam Horbye

My mate Sam from Amazon is beautifully posh and spends 30-minutes chatting about the FBA aggregator business. If you’re considering selling your brand at some point, it’s worthwhile being aware of how it all works, most importantly, how to sell for more money. In this episode we discuss: How do these companies value your brand/business…

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Episode 40: Ellenore Angelidis

Ellenore was the global director of Kindle Content Risk Management at Amazon. A 13-year veteran gracing my podcast studio (not literally) to help all of us understand how Amazon looks at human resource management. I recently received a request on this topic, here is my delivery. In this episode we discuss: How to go about…

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Episode 39: Juliana Jackson

All about customer lifetime value. Juliana continues to amaze me with her undeniable ability to deeply understand customers. In this episode we discuss: The 3 step theory you must be aware of when thinking about customer LTV How to score your customers and put them into different buckets Understanding customer buying cycles Why qualitative data…

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Episode 38: Joe Shelerud

Joe specialises in Amazon Advertising. He builds long term strategies to set brands up for sustainable success. In this episode we discuss: Understanding relevancy on Amazon and how that is baked into your advertising strategy Why everything comes back to conversion rate When do you switch from a launch campaign strategy to the long-term keyword…

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Episode 37: Tom Reid

Tom and I are brothers. He’s become pathetically obsessed with creating great copy and building out email flows that drive CLV. In this episode we discuss: Creating sustainable success off of Amazon Why you shouldn’t obsess with being profitable on the frontend What’s been happening to customer acquisition costs over the last year Strategies to…

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