EPISODE 14: Mark Samuel

Mark shares invaluable insights for CPG brands on and off Amazon. Lifetime value, repeat purchases, first hire, packaging, to name just a few of the topics I peppered him with. He is the founder of IWON Organics, a fast-growing snack company that focuses on plant-based proteins, and has been playing the entrepreneur card for over…

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EPISODE 13: Daniela Bolzman

Within the first 10 mins we smashed out a 3-step plan to improve your listing – introduced by Daniela and eagerly backed up by myself. Daniela’s enthusiasm towards branding on Amazon radiates through this episode and I encourage any owner to get their notepad out as this is crammed with valuable nuggets for you to…

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EPISODE 12: Florian Nottorf

Florian provided me with unknown insights into Amazon Germany that truly came as a great surprise to me. Having built a software company in the advertising space over the past 3 years, in Germany, he’s fabulously well placed to advise on ad strategy and Europe. In this episode we discuss: How unprofessional the DE marketplace…

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EPISODE 11: Aric Annear

Having led content development and promo planning at Amazon, Aric offers invaluable insights for those looking to build a solid foundation on the marketplace. He has a sound understanding of how to establish omnichannel funnels to capture consumers at different stages of their buying cycle. In this episode we discuss: How to drive highly qualified…

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EPISODE 10: David Glick

David is a former Amazon Vice President and was once responsible for the buy box algorithm. 20 years at the company makes for an interesting chat, particularly how he almost became an alcoholic after leaving (I jest).  In this episode we discuss: What are the biggest opportunities in Q4 this year The single point of…

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EPISODE 9: Joshua Justice

Josh runs the Amazon marketing for one of the best supplement companies in the world – Nordic Naturals. Having initially entered the Amazon world in 2013 selling motorcycle accessories from Vietnam, he’s now got 7-years under his belt across a wide-array of job roles.# In this episode we discuss: The importance of thinking long-term with…

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EPISODE 8: Andrew Shields

Andrew is a veteran in the Amazon world and offers an array of different opinions on common topics, which I find incredibly interesting to listen to. He started selling in 2013 and has experienced all the bumps in the road. In this episode we discuss: Launching with nothing but influencer marketing Utilising other people’s networks…

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EPISODE 7: Donal Treacy

I was lucky enough to spend a good stint of time working alongside Donal in the UK Amazon Business team. His background was spent working within the InterContinental Hotels Group before transitioning over to the world of Amazon, where he primarily focused on advising strategic partners on the 3rd party side of the business. I’ve…

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EPISODE 6: Gabriel Caceros

Gabriel initally entered the Amazon world as a seller, building his own brand in the baby niche then eventually selling out. He’s now a member of the BetterAMS team and focuses primarily on Amazon Advertising, supporting brands doing more than $200k a month on the marketplace. In this episode we discuss: How he initially analyses…

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EPISODE 5: Troy Johnston

Troy is the founder of Seller.Tools and an Amazon 7-figure earner. He’s truly leading the charge Amazon automation, particularly when it comes to launching or re-launching products on the marketplace. In this episode we discuss: How to lay the foundation for your Amazon business to improve operational efficiency The importance of utilising software and how…

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