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EPISODE 8: Andrew Shields

Andrew is a veteran in the Amazon world and offers an array of different opinions on common topics, which...

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EPISODE 7: Donal Treacy

I was lucky enough to spend a good stint of time working alongside Donal in the UK Amazon Business...

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EPISODE 6: Gabriel Caceros

Gabriel initally entered the Amazon world as a seller, building his own brand in the baby niche then eventually...

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EPISODE 5: Troy Johnston

Troy is the founder of Seller.Tools and an Amazon 7-figure earner. He’s truly leading the charge Amazon automation, particularly...

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EPISODE 4 – Destaney Wishon

Destaney is the founder of BetterAMS, who I personally regard as the top Amazon Advertising agency in the space...

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EPISODE 3 – Dave Officer

Part of the reason I was attracted to and looking forward to speaking with Dave was his LinkedIn content....

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EPISODE 2: James Dihardjo

James is co-founder of MerchantSpring, an Amazon marketplace solution in Australia. He’s been building a strong eCommerce knowledge base...

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EPISODE 1: Ben Timmons

#1: Ben worked with George at Amazon for just under 2-years before heading over to Kraft Heinz. He set...

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