EPISODE 26 – Stefan Haney

Stefan spent 16 years at Amazon with roles including director of seller experience, director of seller strategy, and director of consumer shopping experience. Across this 2-part episode he discloses an array of fascinating insights on the inner workings of Amazon, how business decisions are made, and some great stories.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How he fought the 1P/3P fight at Amazon
  • How Amazon categories their different customers, and how they order them in importance
  • What it means to get a ? email from Jeff Bezos, and why you’ll be calling your wife about it
  • Examples of next level customer obsession internally
  • How brands can look round corners to identify breaking points
  • What he views as essential on an Amazon detail page, from his time leading that team
  • What the team leader of A9 (Amazon’s algorithm) told him

You can find Stefan on LinkedIn here. You can also check out Vantage International here.

Discussion points:

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