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Episode 31: Ben Timmons – Round 2

Ben and I worked together at Amazon, he now runs a series of brands on Amazon whilst holding down his day job at Gympass. In this episode we discuss: Why he isn’t quitting his day job, despite his Amazon businesses bringing in enough income to do so What is an exit plan, why you should…

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Episode 29: Melissa Burdick

10 years at Amazon in the advertising team catapulted Melissa into the world of ecommerce. She is now a member of the Forbes Agency Council and co-founder of Pacvue. In this episode we discuss: Why surrounding yourself with brilliant contacts is the key to sustainable success on Amazon How important tech and data will be…

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Episode 24: Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth proved, again, that there is always something new to learn on Amazon, particular when it comes to advertising. In this episode we discuss: Advertising won’t work if the product doesn’t fit Why you can’t get married to anything on Amazon Ads will only make a bad product fail faster $17 clicks Why having a…

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Episode 23: Chris Mole

Chris has successfully built out one of the biggest UK agencies which focuses on supporting vendors and sellers expand across global markets. In this episode we discuss: Going for glory vs. Setting up your operations How to handle an Amazon negotiation Understanding the full market when entering a new locale, not just what’s happening on…

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Episode 22: Rael Cline

Probably the best conversation I’ve ever had on customer lifetime value, and how paramount data continues to be in the world of ecommerce. In this episode we discuss: What is customer lifetime value, why you need to think about it, and how to get accurate data around it What opportunities are presented when you have…

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Episode 19: Kyle Kirkwood

Nailing Amazon Advertising with highly competitive keywords is an art, Kyle is an artist. In this episode we discuss: Why you shouldn’t worry about Amazon brands, they don’t have a soul The hack to getting traction on highly competitive keywords at a fraction of the cost The fastest advertising strategy to get sales on Amazon…

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Episode 17: Jason Greenwood

Jason teaches us how to craft end to end customer experiences online by dragging brands kicking and screaming into a New Retail future. In this episode we discuss: How many opportunities brands have to create an experience and one excellent example Why you must be building out impeccable experiences across all your touchpoints Customers expect…

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EPISODE 15: Ryan Child

Ryan and I dive into building an operational base, utilising software and how advertising continues to be a powerful driving force within the marketplace. Ryan is currently working at Kaspien, formerly etailz, who are an Amazon seller turned software/agency solution. In this episode we discuss: How to make Amazon profitable FBA is no longer a…

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EPISODE 12: Florian Nottorf

Florian provided me with unknown insights into Amazon Germany that truly came as a great surprise to me. Having built a software company in the advertising space over the past 3 years, in Germany, he’s fabulously well placed to advise on ad strategy and Europe. In this episode we discuss: How unprofessional the DE marketplace…

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