Episode 41: Sam Horbye

My mate Sam from Amazon is beautifully posh and spends 30-minutes chatting about the FBA aggregator business. If you’re considering selling your brand at some point, it’s worthwhile being aware of how it all works, most importantly, how to sell for more money. In this episode we discuss: How do these companies value your brand/business…

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Episode 21: Charles Instone

Another ex-Amazonian gracing my virtual studio. If you sell consumables, this is for you. In this episode we discuss: How he quickly increased customer referrals with one simple change Fixing leaky holes in your customer bucket Converting customers on your website Driving average order value on your site The importance of influencers and why you…

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Episode 19: Kyle Kirkwood

Nailing Amazon Advertising with highly competitive keywords is an art, Kyle is an artist. In this episode we discuss: Why you shouldn’t worry about Amazon brands, they don’t have a soul The hack to getting traction on highly competitive keywords at a fraction of the cost The fastest advertising strategy to get sales on Amazon…

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Episode 18: Kim Mathisen

Kim was director of tools at Amazon before ending her 11+ year stint at the company to start with Microsoft, where she now sits as the Chief Customer Officer. In this episode we review the Amazon ecosystem from a higher level, looking at the mindset and attitude brands should take, as well as thinking about…

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EPISODE 13: Daniela Bolzman

Within the first 10 mins we smashed out a 3-step plan to improve your listing – introduced by Daniela and eagerly backed up by myself. Daniela’s enthusiasm towards branding on Amazon radiates through this episode and I encourage any owner to get their notepad out as this is crammed with valuable nuggets for you to…

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EPISODE 3 – Dave Officer

Part of the reason I was attracted to and looking forward to speaking with Dave was his LinkedIn content. He’s an illustrator at heart and a graphic designer by trade. In this episode we discuss: Creating parody ad campaigns using PornHub and how one huge brand got in touch with him to discuss it How…

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