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Episode 36: Francois Jaffres

Francois was my tutor today. The topic was supply chain. In this episode we discuss: Differentiating what you need vs. What you wish you had on your first order Key quality indicators to be aware of A checklist of items you want to rattle through before you approach a supplier Getting better terms from suppliers…

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Episode 32: Mike Black

Mike heads up marketing at Profitero, which explains why he made me look a fool as a podcast host. I often found myself having not much else to add because he covered the bases so well. In this episode we discuss: Where he learns about Amazon, what is the best source of info Segmenting your…

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Episode 22: Rael Cline

Probably the best conversation I’ve ever had on customer lifetime value, and how paramount data continues to be in the world of ecommerce. In this episode we discuss: What is customer lifetime value, why you need to think about it, and how to get accurate data around it What opportunities are presented when you have…

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Episode 21: Charles Instone

Another ex-Amazonian gracing my virtual studio. If you sell consumables, this is for you. In this episode we discuss: How he quickly increased customer referrals with one simple change Fixing leaky holes in your customer bucket Converting customers on your website Driving average order value on your site The importance of influencers and why you…

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Episode 20: Ian Smith

Ian builds Facebook ads and messenger bot flows for brands on Amazon. He’s got his finger on the pulse, he understands the importance of funnel development, and the foundational pieces that are required as a brand to build sustainable success. – Why customer lifetime value is important in advertising – What type of product he…

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EPISODE 14: Mark Samuel

Mark shares invaluable insights for CPG brands on and off Amazon. Lifetime value, repeat purchases, first hire, packaging, to name just a few of the topics I peppered him with. He is the founder of IWON Organics, a fast-growing snack company that focuses on plant-based proteins, and has been playing the entrepreneur card for over…

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EPISODE 11: Aric Annear

Having led content development and promo planning at Amazon, Aric offers invaluable insights for those looking to build a solid foundation on the marketplace. He has a sound understanding of how to establish omnichannel funnels to capture consumers at different stages of their buying cycle. In this episode we discuss: How to drive highly qualified…

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EPISODE 9: Joshua Justice

Josh runs the Amazon marketing for one of the best supplement companies in the world – Nordic Naturals. Having initially entered the Amazon world in 2013 selling motorcycle accessories from Vietnam, he’s now got 7-years under his belt across a wide-array of job roles.# In this episode we discuss: The importance of thinking long-term with…

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