Episode 18: Kim Mathisen

Kim was director of tools at Amazon before ending her 11+ year stint at the company to start with Microsoft, where she now sits as the Chief Customer Officer. In this episode we review the Amazon ecosystem from a higher level, looking at the mindset and attitude brands should take, as well as thinking about…

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Episode 16: John Ghiorso

John’s spent the last 12-years building his Amazon agency and brings with him a seasoned, well versed head to our discussion on how brands can build sustainable success on the marketplace today. In this episode we discuss: The importance of data and how to utilise it How so many brands lack operational excellence and why…

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EPISODE 15: Ryan Child

Ryan and I dive into building an operational base, utilising software and how advertising continues to be a powerful driving force within the marketplace. Ryan is currently working at Kaspien, formerly etailz, who are an Amazon seller turned software/agency solution. In this episode we discuss: How to make Amazon profitable FBA is no longer a…

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EPISODE 10: David Glick

David is a former Amazon Vice President and was once responsible for the buy box algorithm. 20 years at the company makes for an interesting chat, particularly how he almost became an alcoholic after leaving (I jest).  In this episode we discuss: What are the biggest opportunities in Q4 this year The single point of…

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