Episode 36: Francois Jaffres

Francois was my tutor today. The topic was supply chain. In this episode we discuss: Differentiating what you need vs. What you wish you had on your first order Key quality indicators to be aware of A checklist of items you want to rattle through before you approach a supplier Getting better terms from suppliers…

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Episode 35: Judson Morgan

Judson takes creative content to a new level. He’s made multiple clients cry with happiness after watching their new video. He, within 5 minutes, also shared a massively overlooked strategy to improve your main image and drive incremental increases in your conversion rates. It this episode we discuss: Building a series of brands on Amazon…

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Episode 32: Mike Black

Mike heads up marketing at Profitero, which explains why he made me look a fool as a podcast host. I often found myself having not much else to add because he covered the bases so well. In this episode we discuss: Where he learns about Amazon, what is the best source of info Segmenting your…

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EPISODE 13: Daniela Bolzman

Within the first 10 mins we smashed out a 3-step plan to improve your listing – introduced by Daniela and eagerly backed up by myself. Daniela’s enthusiasm towards branding on Amazon radiates through this episode and I encourage any owner to get their notepad out as this is crammed with valuable nuggets for you to…

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